For you.

I’d capture light itself and seal it in a orb to cast your way. I’d happily charge your essence with physical labour just to watch it bloom, for i’m enthralled by what comes from each second of your existence. You’re a ray of something so bright I can’t form words to convey the meaning. But if I were to try, the words themselves would Emmitt a warmth like no other. Taking on a whole new life of their own.

Give a thought

Sometimes when you’re confined and unable to move you struggle to preoccupy your mind, inevitably leading you to begin exploring parts of your mind you’d forgotten or left behind for reasons only you’re aware of. Maybe it just takes time and peace to connect the dots of your subconscious? For so long i had thought it was necessary to suppress the bad times to heal, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. Every ounce of pain contributes to who you become, enabling you to grow stronger and more adapt with your feelings. This realisation can occur when you least expect it or you may be raised with the ideology from birth. However even when you’re taught a lesson which has been worded perfectly with no mistakes this doesn’t mean you necessarily take it in or on board. The beauty of life is learning and creating experiences which will stick with you till you pass on into an endless slumber. Loved ones, keep sakes, music, passion and friends are only a few of the unforgettable gifts given to us in life depending on how we approach it. Even one good memory is a life worth while, so who’s to say you haven’t lived? Be grateful forever and just strive for more of everything.


You’re caught in gusts of wind slowly pushing you on the verge of freedom. You place your foot on the ground as the crisp scent of grass and daisies pull you into a comforting embrace. You begin to run throwing your arms up in the air, twirling as movement brings you unmeasurable amusement, more than you ever thought you could comprehend. The sound of crickets and songbirds infiltrate ever ounce of your sound as the warmth of a perplexing ball of hot gas we know as the sun thaws our once frozen views on life’s limits and pain. You fall back into the never ending fields of splendour, feeling none of the grasps gravity has forever held. Cushioned by the bed of life you gaze up into the sky as a smile breaks from your lips, taking deep breaths you feel truly free with no worries…forever.